Saturday, October 13, 2018

What’s on the QuiltieSisterS design wall now?

Would you believe me if I said a Turkey?
When Judy told me she had designed a turkey table runner quilt kit and wanted me to test it out, I thought she was crazy! When I cut it out, I really thought she was crazy with all the small pieces, but what fun it was to sew up the precision die cut pieces and quilt it for my table. Literally something you can do in a day. In fact, this is the perfect project to buy as cutting out the small pieces requires a very steady hand. Happily, our precision dies take care of that problem! This kit uses some of our favourite fabrics (Maywood Studios’ Shadow Play and Falling Leaves Collection) bringing in all the fall colours in a fun and inviting way. I love the yellow beak and the brick red gullet. While we’re designing this as a table runner, it can just as easily be turned into a wall hanging. We also think it would be great to appliqué an eye onto the Turkey to give him further personality. Below is a sneak peek at what a block will look like. If you’re interested in purchasing the kit before it’s up on our Etsy site (, just send us a quick note at and we’ll confirm your order. The kit will measure approximately 50 x 15” and will sell for $30 Canadian + tax and shipping. We expect it will be available for shipping by October 20th. It might be too late for Canadian Thanksgiving (or super early!) but it’s just in time for American Thanksgiving. I wonder what Judy will be thinking up next?! Gobble Gobble! P.S. If you don’t sew or quilt, ask us about completing the project for you. Our prices are reasonable as we love to sew and quilt our own kits!

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